The community of responsible customs practitioners and traders.


A unique community of customs practitioners in Belgium, helping you understand and mitigate risks

Customspliance started around the airport of Liège in 2021, but it is quickly becoming the one and only place in Belgium where customs law is being discussed in French and English.  There is no customs and international trade law topic that we do not cover. 

Placing goods on the EU market, and exporting goods out of the EU, is fraught with risks.  The EU’s external border is where duties and taxes are levied or reimbursed, and where regulatory enforcement takes place for goods entering and leaving the EU’s territory. 

To control and mitigate those risks it is necessary to understand customs laws, product regulations, supply chain due diligence requirements, and export controls and sanctions, among other rules.

Understanding those rules comes from studies. It also comes from practice.


Part of the academic ecosystems of Liège and Antwerp

For several years now, the Universities of Liège and of Antwerp, with the active support of the Belgian customs and the European Commission, have created some of the best customs and international trade law courses available anywhere in Europe and the World.  More than 30 days of courses, from courses for novice practitioners to the most advance modules, in Dutch, French and increasingly in English as well.


A unique gateway to the committees and meetings where customs law is being interpreted, applied, and changed

Customspliance was created with the support of the University of Liège to help practitioners share their good practices and experience, and participate in the various forums and committees created by the Belgian customs and by the European Commission to discuss and improve customs laws and practice.  It is open to operators dealing with customs upon import and export, including customs brokers, industrial manufacturers, logistic operators, traders in excise goods, etc.  Operators willing to learn and do better.  

Customspliance is the sole member for Belgium of CONFIAD, the international association of customs brokers, and in that quality we regularly attend the meetings of the European Commission’s trade contact group (TCG) where we are responsible for covering the complex and ever changing rules governing cross-border e-commerce.

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